Councilman Fred Glynn Announces Run for Mayor

Carmel, IN - Fresh off his re-election to the Hamilton County Council, second-term Councilor Fred Glynn announced today that he would seek the Republican nomination for Mayor of Carmel.  Among his priorities, Glynn cites the need for development balanced with fiscal discipline.  “It is a false narrative that we have to choose between good government and fiscal responsibility,” Glynn said. “My time on County Council proves you can do both.”

In seeking the nomination, Glynn will challenge a 24-year incumbent whose tenure at the helm of the City has been met with mixed reaction.  “After 24 years, it’s time for fresh leadership and vision,” Glynn said.  “I believe that I can provide the leadership necessary to make Carmel’s next chapter its greatest chapter yet,” he added. 

Glynn has said that he will be rolling out details of his platform over the next several months, but that voters can expect a focus on community.  “What makes Carmel great is its people,” Glynn said.  “My platform will focus on people, small businesses, and strengthening our diverse neighborhoods,” he added. 

Glynn has also promised to take on the issue of Carmel’s rising debt, which he said cannot be ignored.  “I don’t think it is any secret that our city is in serious debt. The Mayor and his council have racked up more than $1.4 billion in debt.” Glynn stated.  He also cited a 2017 estimate which had Carmel’s debt-per-resident ratio at $15,077 compared to $5,975 for Noblesville, $4,249 for Fishers, $3,085 for Westfield, and $704 for County Government.  Glynn said he will not shy from this pivotal issue.  “Our City is paying excessive mounts of money, mostly for giveaways to preferred developers. Our recent debt downgrade should be a warning sign to all residents.” Glynn stated.  “I will fix our debt problem and do so without impacting the energy and vibrancy that makes Carmel great,” Glynn promised.  “We are Carmel, we can conquer this problem with a bold new vision for the future,” he concluded. 

Fred Glynn Lives in Carmel with his wife Beth, his daughter, and their dog Bailey. As a family they attend church services on Sundays, watch movies, and attend sporting events together. They are volunteers at Race for the Cure and Gleaner’s Food Bank.  In addition to his position on the Hamilton County Council, Fred works as a Mortgage Loan Officer helping families achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Brian Szmytke