Carmel mayoral candidate addresses BraunAbility headquarters

Dear Editor:

I’d like to congratulate BraunAbility on moving to our fantastic community. I’m happy to hear that they are bringing 100 existing workers and hiring 70 more in the coming years as part of their move, according to a story published by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

While we should welcome them into our community, a balance needs to be achieved between tax subsidy agreements and their impact on existing small businesses and our citizens.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation offered BraunAbility up to $1.3 million in conditional tax credits while the city of Carmel is offering additional incentives in the form of a limited tax abatement. We should ask ourselves why large businesses get tax credits when our local small business are struggling to survive.

While Mayor Brainard says that this is a benefit to taxpayers, these offsets have to be made up for somewhere along the line. Ultimately this is at the cost our citizens and small businesses.

A community needs both to keep thriving and I believe that my vision will help provide the proper balance to bring these businesses to Carmel without using taxpayer money to do it.

Fred Glynn

Brian Szmytke